***Update 1.06 live!***  ***Farm News: Still working on this game but my job has been keeping me extra busy lately, still at it!***

newest sneak peeks here: https://twitter.com/chase_bass

Please note: this game is very early in development -bugs, balancing issues, etc etc

SAVE FILE: if your save file is missing don't worry -you can find your save file and copy or move it into the folder of the new version -cross saving between windows and web versions *should* work too

Gamepads cannot currently be remapped but keys can by going to options > controls (in v 1.07 coming soon)

  • WASD =  W=Gas A/D=Turn Space=Brake Left Shift=Nitro
  • ARROWS = Left/Right=Turn  Up/Z=Gas  Space=Brake  X=Nitro  C=Brake/Back 
  • MOUSE= Left/Gas    Right/Nitro  B= Back
  • CONTROLLERS = Xbox: LeftStick/Dpad = Steering  A/Right Trigger = Gas  Left trigger/B = Brake   X=Nitro  (currently having issues detecting ps4 and ps5 controllers but they should work with their corresponding buttons)

Drifting added=Press Brake with gas while turning ( am still experimenting with physics so they will probably continue to get small adjustments -trying to keep it arcade-y without too much soapbar sliding but still needs a lot of work!)

Mouse to interact with menus & place buildings (Controller support added v1.04)

ESC= to exit pit menu (or go button)

Enter or Start = for quick restart if you get stuck

  • Use the pit stop to change your tractor purchase buildings
  • Harvest the race track by plowing, seeding, watering and after a couple laps harvesting fully grown crops
  • You can sell your crops at the pit stop market to buy upgrades to your race track
  • The crop market fluctuates, so if you wait for a good price you can make a lot more!

Sorry for any bugs you may encounter -this was made in a crazy hurry for LD JAM

*Windows version recommended for best experience

  • control options and mapping
  • new levels
  • new modes
  • multiplayer
  • MacOS and Linux versions coming eventually (having issues)

Tools: GMS 2, pyxel edit, magicavoxel, photoshop, nano studio, fl studio

Made for LD Jam 52  - Theme: Harvest  https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/52/farmula-grain-prix

Art, music, programming and game design by Chase of Bass

Updated 15 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(76 total ratings)
AuthorChase of Bass
TagsDriving, farm, Farming, GameMaker, harvest, Ludum Dare 52, race, Retro, top-down-racing, tractor
LinksLudum Dare


Farmula_Grain_Prix_win.zip 36 MB

Development log


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wooooooot!!  Nice!!! :D


Really fun and creative idea, congrats. The name is gold too ;D Everything works nicely, and it's fun to try get what are the best upgrades, and upgrade order.

The only thing that isn't too clear to me is how to "collect" time: it seems I have a bonus each lap, but couldn't get it fully at the first run... I think!

Thanks for this awesome little game, I wasn't expecting it to be for free!

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Thank you so much! 

And that's correct you get a bonus that decreases each lap -buying buildings with a time icon on them also increases the time per lap -also based on the size and generosity of your audience they will throw time bonuses as well (the audience size also affects the market prices).

I plan to keep most of my games free on itch so anyone can play them -but I am also working on expanding this game and selling it on steam and consoles to hopefully make enough money to quit my stupid job one day lol

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I'm glad! Do you have a social space where to share thoughts about what you do, know how you're faring, and the like?
Or, a community server you spend time in, where we can chat?

Either way, best of luck with your work! ;D Finding a way to make the most of our time by having a job that fits us is a worthy challenge, I'm sure you can make it!


On my website I have a page for news and one called deep thoughts where I ramble about random stuff at  http://chaseofbass.com/news/  I'm currently rebuilding my website so there's not much there at the moment.  I don't spend much time on social media, twitter is pretty much the only one I use https://twitter.com/chase_bass which is also where most people reach out to me, I had a public email but it ended up getting so much spam that I was missing good emails and couldn't keep up.  Discord is something I should be using I guess but have been too lazy to bother with it lol but plan to eventually.   And thank you! :D


Great work, solid idea


Thank you!! :D


Surprisingly fun and addictive ! Many good ideas.


Thank you!! :D


this game is amazing great work

I love hearing that! -thank you so much!! :D


my game keeps on getting a black screen after a going though the begining lap and nearly finishing the 2 second one; I am playing on the website verson.

Oh no!  I'm sorry not sure why that's happening -may I ask what browser and operating system you were playing it with?

(1 edit) (+1)

I am using a *chromebook 4 11.6" 4GB RAM*  and the browser I am using is Google Crome. (Linux)


bth: this game seems really great!

thank you!! and could be running out of ram memory but I would think 4 gm would be waay more than enough unless lots of other things were running in the background -hard to figure out with browsers sometimes -thanks again though and so sorry it was crashing on ya 


No problem, and thank you soo much for the help!



Thanks!!! :D


I was really excited to see the new maps and race around the farm once again. I love that you are updating and expanding this game, its a great game to kill 20 minutes and even though I'm not racing against anyone else I get weirdly competitive.

just  one more things, those birds that keep eating the crops, they are not crows are they? it be such a shame if you where participating in the senseless propaganda that Crows are anything but wonderful birds that have far better things to do then eat crops, ya know, like steal shiny stuff.


Lmfaoo  fair point -I might have to have them steal those shiny coins off of the track too then! xD  Loved your video dude -thanks for sharing and hope to get to watch ya play more!!


Great game! Ran into a bug (?) when driving over a teleporter on the first racetrack. Without a second teleporter, it teleports you to the upper-left part of the track, off the course.

Thank you!! :D  and nooooooo -sorry about that! Teleporting isn't supposed to work until there are two of them :o  not sure how that happened but I really appreciate you letting me know (and thank you for including helpful details too!) -I will make a note of this and hopefully have this figured out and fixed in the next update!!


This is a very good game !

This is a very good comment!  Thank you so much!! :D


This is wonderful! 

You know what else is wonderful: your comment! :D  Thank you!! 


Awesome game! Had such a fun time playing. Great work!

Thank you!!  :D

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This looks great. Will there be more tracks added soon? If so, I wanna help the the theme and setting a bit.

Thanks!  :D and yup! Been trying to add a new track with each version update so far (along with lots of other stuff!)  Still pretty early in development so I have a big list of track ideas /themes/modes/options etc that I can barely keep up with -fun trying tho! xD   Also not sure what you mean by help with theme/setting -will consider some requests if that's what you mean


Yeah. But keep it up! I'll let you know when I come up with a new track idea!


Plain awesome! I'm just a sucker for a pun, and you make that idea work, too.

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"Plain" awesome << that was a farming pun right? xD   I was hoping my puns weren't too... corny.   Also, thank you so much!   

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The screenshots are not showing on this page, but only in search page. Is this intended?

Have you thought of making an async multiplayer game? Basically race against recordings of other players.

Another idea: online multiplayer with or without vehicle collision, shared field, immediate income based on contribution (like $1/plant watered), but with fixed laps (fastest complete wins). So it’s a balance between shortcut <-> growth.


Screenshots: that's the default on itch.io  but am happy to change that (mouse clicking sounds and dramatic music) ok screenshots on page! xD

Multiplayer: I had not thought of that -that sounds difficult but awesome!  I do have multiplayer listed in the roadmap and am planning a local co-op and vs mode -I am not experienced in making online games but it would be awesome -maybe I will try to learn that in the future -am working on several other modes at the moment

And duuuuuude those are great ideas for multiplayer!  I was thinking in the direction of the first couple but immediate income/fixed laps sounds super fun!  definitely will try that for multiplayer!  :D

Anyway, thanks for playing!



Thank you!!! :D


this game is honestly amazing great job

thank you so much!! :D


really cool game! love the concept, especially since i live in an area where farming and seeing tractors diving up and down the road is very common mixed with my love for racing made it a joy to play!!!

Same here!  And that's really awesome to hear -thank you!! :D

(1 edit) (+3)

Man, I hate it when my favorite store is sooultd

Edit: Also I got an infinity run with 14292 coins and maxed out vehicles. I ended on round 125


Your comment reminded me to finally fix that in the best way possible lmfao xD

also whaaaa that's an epic score! -didn't think an infinity run was possible with the current build -will have to keep balancing this better -thanks! :D

(2 edits) (+1)

damn, I didn't sell the last few hundred crops, could have had more coins! focusing on maxing out the crowd works best for me (even if I didn't place all the stuff in an optimal way). 
(also, I got the gold storm!!)

wooaaah!!! nice!!! :D  Do you think it was too easy or was it still fun up to that point?


still fun! I played the game more often than I would like to admit lol. So there was definitely a learning curve which I enjoyed a lot, and it felt rewarding to finally having "got it". I definitely prefer this map with a bit more challenge – on the first map I got bored after 300+ rounds and quit ;) on that one I got a full audience and they kept giving me lots of time so I think if you want to balance it more, maybe that's a place to do it? looking forward to more maps (as I think you're planning on adding?) <3


Ha!  That's so awesome to hear -I love that "got it" moment in games xD  Glad to hear you like the new level too -hoping to finish a new update over the weekend!   Also, I think you are right about the audience / time / balancing -anyway, thank you for all the great feedback.  ^_^


Woah, this was surprisingly fun. :D I didn't really get it my first time around, but by the third round I was really into it, haha.

Awesome! thanks for playing! :D


This game is ingenious and I love that it now exists. I saw that you were planning to make an expanded version of this, which seems like a no brainer to me because I feel like the potential/possibilities for expanding on this are beyond vast. Good luck in your endeavors, and thanks for making something that is simultaneously unique, interesting, and genuinely fun!

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So awesome of you to say -thank you so much!! :D 

also just saw your review: "nothing to lose, and everything to grain by maizeying on over to check out 'Farmula Grain Prix'" << lmfaooo amaizeing punning -thanks again! xD


Hey! ik this was a quick project for LD Jam 52 but do you have any plans to release a download for IOS? if not its ok! just curious


Am working on a very expanded version of this right now! :D  I will think about it!  How would you prefer to play it on there?  Steering could be difficult with onscreen buttons but then again could be cool.  I am definitely planning to release this on steam, xbox, nintendo, playstation etc 


Ha sorry i kind of worded it wrong I more meant MacOS wich would be the same as windows just different OS I guess, just would be nice to be able to download!

Ohhhh ok!  Sure, I don't think that will be an issue -will try a test release for mac and if it works then will release it when I push this new update out (probably by tomorrow!) :D


Such a fun and unique idea for a racing game.

thanks! :D


formula 1 + grain farming??? i love it sooooo here for this game



I was very confused at first at first as I kept expecting other farmers to show up and race against me and steal my crops, by the time I realized no one else was going to show up to steal my stuff I was so engrossed in the farming process and had thoroughly screwed myself over time wise.

Turns out I don't need other farmers to come steal my crops, I will still find a way sabotage the farm all on my own.

The Game Looks Great with Very addictive gameplay that you draws you in from the first lap and makes you want to keep trying over and over, in the hopes of doing just a little bit better 

Lmfaooo duuuuude your video was awesome! -really enjoyed it and was helpful seeing how you played it too -also very entertaining -legit had me laughing out loud xD  Also, thank you for all the kind words!

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creative game, glad to play it

Thank you! :D



Never played this during LD, but I can see why this did so well. That twist is almost genius. Surprisingly deep gameplay, well balanced too, looks damn good. What there is not to like?

Thank you!! :D


Surprisingly addictive, unsurprisingly good-looking and -sounding.

:D Thank you!!!

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Whoa really enjoyed this game, great idea to combine harvesting and racing.

Would love to see a full game out of this with different levels and environment.

Okay but how did you implement the 3D machines?

Here is my high score:

Thank you so much!!  And it's using a technique to fake 3d called sprite stacking  :D


Woah this is a great idea for the game!

Thank you so much! :D