**For best experience play Windows version**

Jump / Spin
Aim / Shoot
Mouse / Left Mouse Button
Pause / Menu
Escape or G
Quick Restart
SelectSpace or Enter

Special  Moves:

DashRight, Right  || Left, Left
Ground Smash
Down (in air)
Power Jump
Down, Up


Combos:  Combos continue until you touch the ground.  You can briefly keep a combo going from the ground by dashing into an enemy right before landing.

Landing:  If you land upside down or sideways it is a bad landing and will cancel the combo.  To land upright, spin until you are facing up or do a ground smash.

Bouncing:  A good landing will make you bounce higher.   Ground smashes will bounce you even higher than that.

Spinning:  The longer you spin the higher a flip combo you can get but be careful as your spin will speed up with every flip making consecutive flips more difficult to land but also more rewarding!

Shooting:  Can boost combo scores massively especially if taking out a group of zombies.  Also can add zombies to your combo that you might not be able to reach without ending your combo,

HeadButt: Bouncing on a zombie upside down on your head is risky but also carries a bonus.

Rail Grinding: Landing on rails will help you make big combos but be careful not to get hit by zombies while grinding on rails!

Latest update(s):

  • New Training level
  • New level Arcade!!
  • Customizations added
  • Mikes Burger
  • Salon of the dead and Fashionably Late added!
  • Lots more polish!!
  • no hits goal
  • gold target goal
  • repair drones goal
  • more bug fixes and balancing
  • new gun and zombies can now be freshly dezombied
  • NEW LEVEL:  Construction zone
  • lots of small quality of life improvements
  • Sound design major update
  • bug fixes...so many bug fixes

Still working on the soundtrack-if there is enough interest maybe will add more levels and stuff for a commercial release :D

Originally started on Jan 5th for the Juice Jam -now straight through to the FINALLY FINISH SOMETHING JAM!!  :D  

Art, music and programming by chase of bass

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorChase of Bass
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Arcade, combos, High Score, juice, Shoot 'Em Up, Skating, Zombies


ZombieProCleanerz_007.zip 10 MB


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The game looks super polished, it leaves a good impression just from the intro. I have to admit that I don't know how to play the game though. The move and slide mechanic is too unintuitive for me. Even in the training camp, I did not learn much.

This game definitely need a tutorial where it teaches you to do one think at a time (Moving, then jumping, then flipping etc.)

If there's a tutorial, I'll look forward to play it again :)


I actually just posted an update with a new in game tutorial a few minutes ago, but it's only a simple one.  It's definitely a game that takes some practice to learn -will try to think of some ways to make it easier for learning though -thanks for trying it though :)


I'm starting to understand it now. Just stomp before you land so you don't hit the ground head first.


Pretty much that or keep spinning until you are right side up again.  Just updated the game with a new small tutorial area that will hopefully help anyone having a hard time learning it -thanks again for your feedback :D


Amazing game! the combat is simple but fun & smoooth, and the combo system is perfect!

Thank you so much gg!!! :D


Hella juicy indeed! Love this one, getting combos feels AWESOME. I want all the points. :D


Thank you so much!!! :D