A downloadable game for Windows

A short, simple and odd adventure platformer made for #metajam-  we hope you enjoy :D


  • Up Arrow = Open Doors, Interact
  • Down Arrow = Crouch, Crawl, Interact, Charge
  • Left/ Right Arrows = Move Left and Right, Run
  • Z = Jump
  • X = Attack, Charge magic
  • Enter = Pause
  • F = toggle fullscreen/windowed


(Old )WitchHazel_0_13.zip 38 MB
(Updated ) WitchHazel_0_13b.exe 38 MB


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The ambiance in this was sooooo cool. Very intriguing and I would love to see more of this world! 

I had so much fun playing this! The pixel art is so beautiful and the story is interesting to say the least.


Really cool game with amazing pixelart!


Thank you so much!  Hopefully we will finish it one day! :D

hopefully within this lifetime *cough cough* 


When can we expect a new release?

Hi, crap sorry about the delayed response!  It'll probably be a few months (hopefully sooner!)  It will most likely be the last update on this jam version as we are working on a full expanded commercial release of this game


great art and the ending is really something

Thanks man! and it was reaaaaallly rushed for the game jam -we've been expanding on it quite a bit for the full game :D


Any plans to add controller support or fix the framerate?

We have a whole bunch of updates coming in the next version -including new areas and enemies  :D  -planning to add controller support as well but not sure what frame rate issue you are talking about -first i've heard of any issues with frame rate << could you describe the issue in detail -such as any particular room or running alongside any other programs like video capture software?

The entire game runs at something like 20-25 fps with significant juddering in fullscreen, and only 30fps in windowed mode.  Running on a respectable gaming laptop that can run many AAA games fine on medium settings, without any demanding software in the background.

Thank you for the info, the game is only set to run at 30 fps - which I went with because it was a pretty common fps for retro games -personally that feels natural to me, but I play a lot of 30 fps old retro games.   I had considered raising it to 60 fps and maybe on a better machine /setup like yours that 30 fps is more noticeable -will definitely add 60 fps at the very least as an optional setting when we get the menus going. 

As far as the juddering/ fps dips I'm not sure about that one yet -I'm on an laptop thats like 7 years old with medium-ish specs i5 2.5 ghz 8gb ddr3 no gfx just crappy integrated intel gfx lol and I don't get a single fps dip from 30 so that one has me baffled -but I will certainly continue to look for ways to optimize and make sure there are no memory leaks.   Anyway, thanks again for letting me know about this, will definitely try to fix and improve it! 

Some time in the future if you wouldn't mind: would it be okay if I had you try a couple versions of the game to play test along with a few questions to help me isolate what could be causing that?  


Thanks! :D


Holy moly! This was such a great surprise

Thank you so much -really enjoyed your video too! :D


I LOVED every second of this. Super stoked to read that you're planning on further fleshing it out. The base mechanics feel solid as hell already and the style and atmosphere you have going are top notch. Keep up the awesome work!


Thank you for the play through! And great sense of humor guys- enjoyed the video :D 
We'll be working hard for a full release! 

lmao loved your video!  responded on youtube but wanted to say thanks again -this was great! :D


The artwork is especially impressive. And the story definitely gets you making scenarios in your head. :) 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Bahahaha I love that thumbnail for your video! xD  And thank you so much!


I needed a confused/slightly scared look. :) And Hermione popped up in the image search... 


You're a wizard Chase!  Chase: I'm.. I'm a waaaahhh?? 


As Chase stated previously, I too am really diggin the cover art :D & subscribed! 


I think the only downfall is the the brevity of the game. Understanding the game was made for a jam in a short period you've absolutely nailed the art, atmosphere and most of the mechanics, I only wish there were more opportunities to use them. The story is interesting enough but also suffers from a bit of pacing issues. I'd love to see this again with some more time invested, but for a jam title, this is fantastic!


Thank you so much!  Completely agree as well, we had plans for a much more robust story, environment and use of mechanics that we couldn't implement in time.  In fact, we had to pull the enemies from the game due to game breaking issues at the last minute.  We fully intend to continue to flesh this out into a full game!  Also, I really enjoyed your review style and watching your video -thanks again!


That was an interesting game with a GORGEOUS pixel art!! Also, I liked the idea of going deeper in the game inside a game.
The camera pan when pressing up is quite annoying, though!
Also, I run into the issue of all the spells saying "DOUBLE JUMP ACQUIRED" when I got them.


Thank you so much! :D  We had to cut the scope down significantly to get the game done for the jam in time other wise the deeper into a game inside a game wouldve been sooooo much cooler xD.  Camera up, completely agree and will be fixed for the next update and thank you for letting me know about the Double Jump Acquired issue, we were having some issues merging our systems together at the last minute -will be fixed!  Thanks again!