Post jam update includes RNG xD
Also A New Level -more coming soon!
New Art
New Level Select Screen
New vfx

More to come

Mouse controls // click and drag dice -right click to return them

Use the your mind and the dice to add up to the amounts needed to clear the rooms

all art, music and programming by chase of bass -built for good ol mini game jam :D

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorChase of Bass
Made withGameMaker
TagsDice, Math


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Great GD and great visuals ! Well done !


Thank you so much!! :D


thanks for sharing , game is nice just some point might help .at the beginning a bit confusing because no tutorial or help , maybe first level you could help gamer to understand, art is nice , no button for drop the music or even reduce it.
for me Art and simple mechanic and rules keep me in your game.
thanks again :)

Might include a tutorial but I'm not a fan of tutorials so i usually don't bother with them and instead try to teach through design -also will add those sound options -thanks again! :D


Another winner here, man. Really fun game. Love that music especially. 

Thank you!! :D


Excellent game, great difficulty curve! Small complaint would be that theres no undo button, so when you accidentaly remove a dice from a pressure plate you dont have to start over


Thank you!! :D  Also, that's a good idea -I will add that!