A downloadable game for Windows

Your tribe must bring life to the islands!

  • Strategy: Pick the location best suited to earn multipliers from neighboring houses, farms, and jungles.
  • Action: Send your jet powered weather balloon to the sky to collect clouds and make it rain!
  • Upgrade: Increase your speed, power, gas consumption and more.
  • Challenges: Fill your trophy room!
  • Unlock Bonuses: Extra levels!

All art, music, and coding created by lil ol me: Chase of Bass


RainDancev1.2.exe 27 MB


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i played it... why in the f*ck*ng world you don´t have more comments here bro???

edit: appart from one of that guy from 4 years ago..


lol thank you!! xD

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Yo, I played this game a few days ago and it was really fun! The graphics are great, I love the animation and the music is fantastic. Amazing job :D


Thank you so much! made it for windows phone back in 2013 for a contest in a < 2 month crunch so was a very rushed game -but i appreciate! :D