A strange little musical tower defense game created for the Music Game Jam

Note:  Recommend playing the windows exe version as the HTML 5 Version doesn't run or look as well and eventually will probably lose sound (am guessing due to memory)  But ya know, it's there for convenience :D

Also mistakenly uploaded a version that required install earlier it has been replaced with a self executable file for windows.


PixelJamBandDefense1_2.exe 3 MB


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That game is awesoem, i reached 5000 points :D

Thank you!! && awesome!! :D


This game is super fun! I got over 800 points, but those little fast guys are such jerks lol. JUST LOVE MY BAND THEY'RE WORKING SO HARD!

Amazing job. :D

lmfao xD - Thank youuu!!

(3 edits) (+1)

i just reached 1475 :O

edit: now it's 2745, round 5. 10001000100000000100020001000300000000000003001100000000011.

oh yeah those numbers are like... my own save code i guess. not sure if I made it accurately so have fun decoding it while I check!

Awesome!! :D


I really like the concept of the game and the art style is awesome. It's a little bit slow and I'm not very good at it. Personally I think it stands a chance :) Well done and good luck with your entry

Thanks man!  :D


Pretty cool game!


Thank you! :D