*still balancing difficulty -feel free to let me know if you think the current version (1.03) is too difficult or too easy -suggestions welcome

Mouse Controls:

  1. drag and drop items onto pegs
  2. Click on pegs to upgrade
  3. Press play button to start the round

Art, game design, and music by Chase of Bass.  Made for GMTK Game Jam 2023

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorChase of Bass
Tagsdefend, defense, pachinko, peggle, Retro, Tower Defense


Drop_Guardians_win.zip 10 MB

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top row bumper peg. gradually upgrade. typically orbs bounce directly up and are done with two hits.


This game is awesome

Thank you!!! :D


Round 50 achieved! 

Top row is level 3, everything else is level two (except for the useless electric peg)

It was around round 35 that I realized you can just keep getting more health, it doesn't cap at 100.

With this overpowered build, you take around 50-100 damage each round but gain over 1000 coins usually, which is enough to heal you past what your previous round's health was.

Probably going to stop here, although the build could theoretically go to round 100 and past.  There are so many orbs and effects that my computer is slowing down significantly, another reason why having orbs do special effects instead of flooding the screen with more orbs to make rounds harder would be better.

Anyways, hope this insane build is nerfed, and more stuff is added to make future rounds harder.

One last idea: the majority of the orbs that are getting through are from the sides. Is it possible to have some special slots for pegs closer to where the walls are, perhaps ones that have to be bought or unlocked?

Really enjoyed this game, hope it gets updated more.

Wow!! That's an awesome strategy!! :D  It's really fun to see all the different strats people use -this one might be the best yet -round 50 is crazy awesome! :o (i think my own top score is like round 15 lol)

Also, I love the idea of special slots you can unlock!!!  Added this to the todo list!  :D


Died a couple of times early game, finally figured out what seems to be the optimal strat.

The burn pegs burn the falling orbs and the freeze pegs freeze them long enough for the burn to kill them. Eventually other chutes start dispensing orbs, but by that time you can start buying turrets to shoot the non-burnt ones

First and third row (except for the electric peg which I just bought because I thought it would be an area-of-effect cloud, although considering what the other pegs do it makes sense that it doesn't) are all level two, but I believe it's probably more cost efficient just to save the money on healing

Great game!


Made it to level 30.  I have some suggestions:  

Tutorial: Quality-of-life enchancement.  

Ability to remove/switch out pegs: I really think this should be a thing, to allow players to change up their layout mid-run.  Placing a peg on accident or wanting to perfect a certain peg layout hurts when you are unable to remove an orb. For example, I wanted to see what the eletric peg would do but now I can't really, and I'd like to replace it with a turret but cannot.

A fun, related idea would be to have the ability to upgrade a peg to a random, more expensive peg, because currently there's not much to use the money on (Also, upgrading the freeze peg doesn't seem to upgrade how long orbs are frozen for, which is what I thought would happen). 

Ways to make the game more difficult when going to higher level: Currently, it seems the only difficulty increase with higher levels is more orbs, and maybe ones that take more damage to break. This makes levels take longer and ultimately become kind of grindy/boring. 

So, every 5 levels or so, a "curse" could be added, something like "each orb has a 1% chance to duplicate itself when breaking into a smaller orb", or "each orb takes 1 less damage each time it takes damage", or "5% of orbs pass through the first peg they encounter", or "increased gravity: all orbs fall faster". This would make the game more and more difficult at higher levels. 

Alternatively, making the basic health purchase go up every few levels (for example, every 5 levels it costs 5 more coins) would also introduce some progressive difficulty. It feels like it is more cost effective to just keep saving money to heal, especially when upgraded pegs don't seem that much more powerful.

Balancing: Clearly, the freeze peg is insanely good.  I like the mechanics of it currently, but maybe make a limit on the number of each type of peg is available. This would encourage variety in layouts as well, making it so (what I believe is) the extremely powerful combo of freeze+fire+turrets isn't as good.

Bug(?): When orbs get frozen and then drop to the flat areas on the side, they lose all their momentum and usually stay on those ledges. I thought having turrets would solve that problem, but often when the turrets shoot the orbs they go towards the center for some reason, launching themselves into the holes. Probably caused by some interaction of the bullets and the orb when they colldie? I find it really annoying, as I lose out on potential money - when the turrets shoot the orb, I would expect the orb to move towards the corners, where it can just be shot repeatedly to make a profit. 

Anyways, this game has a lot of potential, hopefully my current build is nerfed a bit, the usage of other pegs (and upgrading pegs to higher levels) is buffed, and maybe some sort of gradual difficulty increase is added. 

Aiming for level 50 or bust!


Hi there!  Whole lot to go through here so I wanted to wait until I had time to go through it all and respond thoughtfully  -really appreciate all the helpful feedback!  

Lots of great suggestions here!

Tutorial: I'm personally not a fan of tutorials but planned to add more hints to guide learning might add one

Removing orbs: completely agree and have this on my to do list -just haven't gotten to it yet (I'm juggling several other projects at the moment)

A note I mentioned in a previous update: the electric pegs aren't functional yet, they will link to create a sort of electric web -or at least that's the plan at the moment

Upgrading to a random peg: might be worth experimenting with!  That is a fun idea!

Difficulty/progression:  I have only the original level made for the jam at the moment with plans to add a lot more levels to progress through -I also want the levels to sort of change and evolve as rounds progress.  Also, the orbs hp does scale with each round but I was afraid I made it too difficult so scaled it back -I plan to make goals easy and difficult to add more fun here.  Also, in a similar style to the bloons games, I plan to add specific immunities to orbs in a future update (e.g. a red / blue one is immune to fire / ice) pegs

Also, as far as curses or specific events: I LOOOOVE THAT IDEA!  That sounds really fun and I've added it to the ol todo list! :D

Healing:  that's a very good point -have made note of this and will think on it

Limits on pegs might be needed in a level like this -but in future levels there will be more limited layouts that will be more difficult to spam

Bug: the turrets will shoot at the closet orb so they will eventually shoot stuck ones if there is nothing else to shoot -that said, I should have still sloped the corners so nothing could get stuck there -however, I do have plans to use the corners for other things, like bonuses and such

Anyway, the game is still very early in development and thank you for these amazing comments -really appreciate it and after reading through all this it's got me all inspired wanting to hurry up and get back to working on this game! :D  Thanks again!




This looks really cool. FYI, crashes for me as soon as I drag an item on to a peg. (Chrome on a Chromebook fwiw) Good luck with this project, I'll come back and try again soon. 


Thank you so much for telling me about this! sorry about that!! bug fixed! :D


Hi: 10 R Hi Fill: A

R is rounds

A is all




Don't worry, I found out how to make it way worse, and now it can't display how many coins I have

lmfaooo -nice!!  but it won't be so easy to do that on the next update xD


Really enjoyed the game overall! I liked the art and game mechanics, and the Peggle-to-tower-defense twist was also interesting. Hope this game gets more recognition!

Really enjoyed watching your video!  Pretty awesome strategy you used -you made it farther than I did even!  Thanks for playing and sharing -found this very helpful for development too! :D


very neat idea, really enjoyed it! though after finding an odd bug i wound up playing around with that more than the game itself. ^^;

placing a hot peg into the very top middle slot, then a frosty peg to its lower left and hitting play, within the first few balls one will become lodged into the ball dropper and no more will drop as the framerate tanks to very low FPS.

it can still happen with the hot peg in that position if there's no frosty peg, or if the frosty is in any other position, but it's far less likely; it also doesn't seem to happen if the hot peg is in the center position 2 rows down.

Thank you so much and lol thank you for letting me know! The problem was that the ball was bouncing up exactly into the same position when a new ball was being spawned causing them to go crazy trying to free themselves from each other -just updated and fixed that -still working on the physics but hopefully fixed!  Thanks again :D


Fun idea!
I found that dragging a peg into an existing peg spends coins but has no effect :(


Thank you!  and crap!  thanks for letting me know will add that to the ol' bug fix list! xD